1. andix   •     Author

    o poza cu “am cacat bastoanele” nu se gaseste? nu’mi doresc neaparat, da’ daca e nevoie?

  2. cezaru   •     Author

    …am inteles…
    …ma duc sa caut niste etamina…

  3. luminitza   •     Author

    hahaha!asta da pedeapsa!mai ales daca persoana in culpa e mioapa!

  4. andrei   •     Author

    Yes, I’ve Been Laden!

  5. Lizzie   •     Author

    present perfect simple- Santa comes, either way.Dragutza scrisorica pentru Moshu

  6. cezaru   •     Author

    …cu respect va rog sa imi aprobati (Lizzie) sa imi dau 20 de pumni in cap…

    Remember that the Present Perfect Continuous has the meaning of “lately” or “recently.” If you use the Present Perfect Continuous in a question such as “Have you been feeling alright?”, it can suggest that the person looks sick or unhealthy. A question such as “Have you been smoking?” can suggest that you smell the smoke on the person. Using this tense in a question suggests you can see, smell, hear or feel the results of the action. It is possible to insult someone by using this tense incorrectly.

  7. Lizzie   •     Author

    Cezaru, va rog remarcati, forma e de present perfect simple, starea e cu totul altceva…:-). Cat despre pumni, fara violenta, mai ales cata vreme renaste Pruncul.

  8. 788   •     Author

    Ma copii, nu va mai certati langa perfectul simplu, luati o prajiturica!

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