1. Patratzel   •     Author

    Ce pot sa zic … un articol si un blog exceptional … keep the good work.

  2. ionut.tudor   •     Author

    Hmmm…mi-ai adus aminte ca sunt un 21st century schizoid man si ca nu mai ascult muzica de-asta de suflet de mijloc de secol 20…

  3. ios   •     Author

    Ice blue silver sky / Fades into grey / To a grey hope that oh years to be /
    Starless and bible black.

    “Music so wishes to be heard that it calls on some to give it voice and some to give it ears.” – Robert Fripp

  4. cristi   •     Author

    Hei, Patratzel, keep the good work unde? La frigider?

    Se zice Keep UP the good work! Adica ce e bun tii sus, stii tu, sa nu ajunga copii si sa strice bunatate de munca. 😉

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